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Universal Testing Systems

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TESLA series devices; It can be programmed according to the desired test type, test speed, sample sizes and test conditions and these definitions are saved in setup so that they can be used when desired.

Electromechanical test set-up that allows the experiments to be carried out in the direction of TENSILE - COMPRESSION - BENDING to determine the life and strength estimates of polymer, composite, metal and materials etc.

TESLA series devices are controlled by the computer, the load and deformation values are produced as readable.

With TESLA series devices can perform many tests in accordance with world standards by using the relevant jaws and apparatus.

The sensitivity of all load cells of our systems is Class 0.5 and it has ± 0.5% load sensitivity according to ISO 7500-1 standard. All load cells in our system are suitable for tensile and compression tests.

TESLA series devices are servo motor driven and software controlled via a computer. The device includes body, electronic and control unit.

The movement speed range of the crosshead is in the range of 0.001 mm / minute to 1000 mm / minute. These speed values can be adjusted during the test and are uninterrupted. The load measurement accuracy of our devices is 0.5% (Class 0. 5) in the range of 1/1 to 1 / 1.000 of the load cell capacity. With TESLA series devices can perform elongation cycles with tensile, compression loads and force cycle. In addition, time-dependent elongation and load can be read on the system.


Power Unit

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All operations of the data collection and control system can be controlled from the computer. Two additional analogue channels in the system can be connected to different sensors such as load cells, pressure or displacement transducers. One TTL displacement transducer input is also reserved for body displacement measurement.

The power unit is connected to the computer via Ethernet for advanced experiments, data collection and reporting. By connecting LVDT or extensometer to the samples, Elasticity module, Poisson Ratio and compressibility parameters can be easily and accurately determined. All test parameters and sensor calibration values of the last experiment are automatically stored in the controller.

Device Hardware

  • 2 extra analogue channels

  • Integrated amplifiers for sensor output and signal amplification.

  • 1000Hz control and 1/65000 resolution for each channel.

  • RS-232 or Ethernet input for computer connection.

  • Can make displacement loads.

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