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Human Resources

Career Opportunities

  • Our company offers equal opportunities to everyone who wants to start their business life or take a new step in their career. We publish our job postings and open positions on our website. If there is a suitable position for you, we are waiting for your application.

Working Environment

  • We care that our employees have a healthy, happy and productive working environment. Our company offers a pleasant and modern office environment where our employees can feel comfortable.

Education and Development

  • Our company supports the personal and professional development of its employees, enabling them to advance in their careers. By offering regular training and development opportunities to our employees, we help them become more successful in their jobs.

Employee Engagement

  • Our company is an organization that cares about employee loyalty. In order to ensure that our employees are happy and satisfied in their jobs, we continuously improve their personal rights, social rights and working conditions.


  • Being a Vector Scientific Testing Devices employee means becoming part of something bigger: inspiring positive change in the world while you grow in your career and in your community. It’s an opportunity to be your personal best.

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