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Cement Flow Table

The Cement Flow Table is a versatile tool used to determine the consistency of cement, lime, and mortar. The table comes with a bronze spreading mold and a Ø40x200 mm bronze mallet weighing 250 gr.


The drip rate can be adjusted manually by turning the handwheel, allowing the user to control the flow rate and get accurate results. In the motorized models, mechanical fittings and a motor speed reducer are used to ensure that the flow table operates within the specified number and time frame according to the standard. The device stops automatically when the required number of drops is reached, as indicated on the revolution counter.


The table is available in two versions: EN and ASTM. In the EN version, the 300 mm diameter table is made of a truncated cone with a basic diameter of 100 mm. The 70 mm diameter top face is made of stainless steel, and the 60 mm high die is made of brass. In the ASTM model, the table has a 100 mm base diameter, a 70 mm top face diameter, and a 50 mm height. It is made of truncated cone-shaped brass with a diameter of 254 mm.


The Cement Flow Table meets ASTM C230 and TS EN 459-2, 1015-3 standards, ensuring reliable and accurate results every time. It is a valuable tool for any construction site or laboratory setting.

  • Standards

    ASTM C230

    TS EN 459-2, 1015-3

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