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Air Jet Sieve

Air Jet Sieve


Full Automic Pressure Control


Introducing the Full Automic Computer Controlled Air Jet Sieve - a revolutionary new device for precise grain size control of dry materials. This state-of-the-art sieve uses a rubber (o-ring) screen for testing without the need for a ring, and is capable of analyzing particle sizes from 14μm to 4mm.


The Air Jet Sieve is designed to be fast, convenient, and user-friendly. Its ergonomic design and simple one-touch operation make it easy to use, while its high-quality construction ensures reliability and accuracy. The device features a clear, easy-to-read display and a smart touch screen with robust safety glass, allowing for intuitive user guidance and secure results management.


The Air Jet Sieve is CE certified and compliant with international standards, and its automatic pressure regulation up to 6000 pascal allows for precise and repeatable results. It also has password management and customizable settings for individual applications, as well as the ability to migrate legacy data in CSV format.


Whether you need to analyze samples weighing from 0.3 to 400 grams, or adjust the vacuum flow manually on the vacuum unit, the Full Automic Computer Controlled Air Jet Sieve has you covered. Its fast analysis, glare-free 7-inch panel, and modern visualisation make it the perfect choice for particle size analysis of all types of dry materials.


  • Automatic pressure regulation up to 6000 pascal
  • CE certified and compliant with international standards.
  • User-friendly interface with clear, easy-to-read display
  • High-quality construction
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Password management
  • Fast analysis
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Air Jet Sieves

    Screens with metal mesh or perforated metal sheet, 200 mm | 8" | 300mm | 12" | 400 mm pulley diameters are available in different mesh openings to meet all application and standard requirements. Collection containers and lids are stainless steel.

  • Software Features

    • Automatic pressure regulation
    • Calculate and save analysis results
    • Password Management
    • Manual or automatic timer mode
    • On device support menu
    • Pre calibrated

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