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manual vicat

Manuel Vicat

Introducing the Manuel Vicat apparatus - the perfect tool for determining the setting and consistency time of cement. This versatile device is designed to meet the EN 196-3 standard, ensuring that your cement has the perfect consistency every time.


Featuring a movable arm that is easily mounted on the arm plate, the Manuel Vicat allows you to connect a range of different ends to suit your needs. Simply place the additional weights on top and adjust the zero with the convenient adjustable ruler. The 0 - 50 mm scale is easy to read and ensures accurate results.


The Vicat apparatus comes as a complete set, including a 70-60 x 40 mm glass plate, Vicat needle set, glass thermometer, and Vicat mold - everything you need to get started. Order your Manuel Vicat today and take the guesswork out of cement consistency.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Meets EN 196-3 standard
    • Movable arm with fixed holder mounted on arm plate
    • Suitable for connecting different ends (start needle, end needle, test stick)
    • Adjustable ruler for zero adjustment
    • 0 - 50 mm scale
    • 70-60 x 40 mm glass plate included
    • Vicat needle set included
    • Glass thermometer (0-50℃) included
    • Vicat mold included (in accordance with EN standard)
  • Standards

    EN 196-3, 480-2 | ASTM C187, C191 | AASHTO T129, T131

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