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Le Chatelier Water Bath

Vector Le Chatelier Water Bath, a high-quality water bath designed for use in many general and special applications in microbiology, research and industrial laboratories. This device offers excellent temperature sensitivity and distribution, with a programmable microprocessor control system hidden under its simple exterior design.


The Le Chatelier Water Bath features a triple insulation design and a digital display that allows you to monitor time and temperature settings. It also comes equipped with a drain hose that makes it easy to drain the water from the tank.


The water bath has a temperature control system that is accurate to within 0.1°C and a temperature reading accuracy of 0.2°C, providing the best liquid temperature control for homogeneous heat distribution and constant temperature. It is made of electrostatic powder coated steel and has dimensions of 58x68x40, 56x36x36.


Overall, the Vector Le Chatelier Water Bath is a reliable and versatile device that is perfect for use in a variety of laboratory settings.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Dimensions: 58x68x40, 56x36x36 
    • Electrostatic Powder Coated Steel
    • Microprocessor Controlled
    • 0.1 ℃ Temperature Control System
    • 0.1 ℃ Temperature Reading Accuracy 
  • Le Chatelier Mold

    Le Chatelier Mold is used with a Le Chatelier Water Bath to measure the expansion volume change of fly ash and lime used in cement and concrete. The mold is made of chrome-plated brass, and the glass plate is supplied with the weight of the experiment.

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