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moisture cabinet

Cement Moisture - Curing Cabinet

Full Automatic Computer Controlled 960 Prism Molds 24 Steel Molds


Cement Moisture - Curing Cabinet, a full automatic, computer-controlled system that is perfect for curing a wide variety of materials. This cabinet is made entirely of stainless steel and features 960 prism molds and 24 steel molds, giving you plenty of space to cure your materials.


The cabinet has double doors and is approximately 210 cm in height, 150 cm in depth, and 260 cm in length. It features slots with 4 mm intervals to easily place your prisms in the drawers, and is designed to meet the standard condition that prisms should be placed no more than 5 mm apart. The cabinet features six drawers, each of which is independent of the others, allowing you to group samples with individual characteristics.


Inside the cabinet, there is a rested water tank that is used in the heating and cooling system, which is controlled by the electronic control unit. This system keeps the temperature inside the cabinet at a consistent ± 1 at 20 degrees. The sprinkler system in the cabinet is designed to control the relative humidity in the range of 60% to 98%.


The cabinet also features a high-precision temperature sensor in the sprinkler system tank, which sends instantaneous temperature changes to the computer software. The water returning from the sprinkler is sent to the main tank for reuse, helping to reduce water consumption. There are also sensors on the device that measure the humidity and temperature of the room where the cabinet is located, and an electronic control system that reads these values digitally and sends them to the computer.


You can easily print reports and graphics saved by the software or save this information to memory. The automatic fan system ensures that the air inside the cabinet is homogenized, and the curing water can be easily renewed with the practical system. Overall, the Cement Moisture - Curing Cabinet is a versatile and efficient tool for curing a wide range of materials.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Full automatic, computer-controlled system
    • Made entirely of stainless steel
    • 960 prism molds and 24 steel molds
    • Double doors
    • Height: 210 cm
    • Depth: 150 cm
    • Length: 260 cm
    • Slots with 4 mm intervals for prism placement
    • Six independent drawers for sample grouping
    • Resting water tank for heating and cooling system
    • Electronic control unit for temperature control
    • Temperature range: ± 0.5 at 20 degrees
    • Sprinkler system for relative humidity control (60% to 98%)
    • High-precision temperature sensor in sprinkler system
    • Sensors for measuring room humidity and temperature
    • Electronic control system for digital readings
    • Automatic fan system for air homogenization
    • Practical system for curing water renewal
    • Ability to print reports and graphics saved by software
    • Memory capabilities for storing data and information.

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