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Ball Mill

Ball Mill

Ball Bill, a laboratory-grade ball mill designed to obtain small particle size samples for testing standards. This powerful device is capable of grinding a wide range of materials, including hard and medium hard bauxite, samot, ore, stone, sand, quartz, limestone, marble, slag, coal, uranium ore, ferro alloys, mud, silicate, cement clinker, and similar fast-drying inorganic materials.


With a grinding cell diameter of 33 cm and a maximum grinding time of up to 3 hours, the Ball Bill is able to produce finely ground samples with a final size of just 200 microns. The machine operates at a standard speed of 70 revolutions per minute, and can be optionally fitted with a speed adjustment feature for even greater precision.


Safety is a top priority with the Ball Bill, and the device is equipped with a soundproofed safety cabinet to prevent noise pollution. The drum assembly is also designed as a closed system, with a digital sensor door that automatically stops the machine when opened. The machine is electrostatically painted and resistant to abrasion, ensuring a long-lasting and durable performance.


With its compact dimensions of 120x50x84 cm, the Ball Bill is a versatile and reliable tool for any laboratory setting. It is powered by a standard 380V / 50Hz power supply, making it easy to integrate into existing setups. Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your testing capabilities with the Ball Bill.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Grinding cell diameter: 33 cm
    • Maximum grinding time: up to 3 hours
    • Final size of product: 200 microns
    • Operating speed: 70 revolutions per minute (standard), adjustable with optional speed adjustment feature
    • Soundproofed safety cabinet for noise reduction
    • Closed drum assembly with digital sensor door for safety
    • Electrostatically painted and resistant to abrasion for durability
    • Compact dimensions: 120x50x84 cm
    • Power supply: 380V / 50Hz

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