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Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

The Jaw Crusher is a versatile and powerful crushing machine. It is full automatic and can handle a wide range of materials, including hard, medium hard, bauxite, samot, ore, stone, sand, quartz, limestone, marble, slag, coke, coal, uranium ore, ferro alloys, mud, silicate, cement clinker and similar fast-drying inorganic materials. It is capable of breaking materials down to a particle size of 1 mm to 90 mm.


This floor model jaw crusher has a jaw size of 100 x 250 mm and is made of special alloy manganese steel for added durability and strength. The jaws have the unique feature of breaking at the bottom and bouncing back at the top for improved efficiency and performance. The jaw opening is adjustable up to 1 mm for precise control.


With a throughput capacity of up to 300 kg/hour, this jaw crusher is suitable for many typical crushing tasks. It can accept feed sizes up to 90 mm and has a stepless gap width adjustment from 0-30 mm. Depending on the sample material, it is capable of producing particle sizes down to 2 mm, resulting in a crushing ratio of 45. This versatile jaw crusher can be used in continuous pre- and fine crushing processes, or in process-line versions.


In addition to its robust construction and versatile usage, this jaw crusher also has several convenient features. It has a wide gap width setting for contamination-free grinding, as well as a wear compensation system with zero-point adjustment. The crushing chamber is easy to clean and the machine is suitable for continuous grinding. It also has a connector for dust extraction.


Overall, the Laboratory type jaw crusher is a powerful and durable machine, designed for obtaining small particle size samples in test standards. Its hard and wear-resistant jaws are made of special alloy manganese steel for added strength and durability.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Full automatic
    • Jaw size: 100 x 250 mm
    • Jaw material: Special alloy manganese steel
    • Breaking at bottom and bouncing at top for improved performance
    • Jaw opening adjustable up to 1 mm
    • Throughput capacity: 150 - 300 kg/hour
    • Test sample size: 1 - 90 mm
    • Feeding chamber size: 100 x 100 mm
    • Gap width adjustable: 0-30 mm
    • Particle size: 2 mm (depending on material)
    • Crushing ratio: 45
    • Versatile usage: continuous pre- and fine crushing, process-line versions
    • Easy-to-clean crushing chamber
    • Suitable for continuous grinding
    • Wear compensation with zero-point adjustment
    • Robust and durable construction
    • Special alloy manganese steel jaws for added strength and resistance to impacts and abrasions.

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